The "express yourself" bracelet is to intended to reinforce and remind you that your word is your truth and you should live in your truth and always communicate with your truth. When you wear this bracelet, reaffirm that your word is valuable and the world wants to hear what you have to say.

The crystals in this bracelet support the fifth chakra  also known as the throat chakra which influences your experiences with speaking your truth, listening and being heard, finding your voice and expressing your truth.

Who should wear this bracelet?
Anyone who is struggling to speak their truth.

Anyone wishing to improve their communication skills.
Anyone who has unexpressed feelings.
Anyone who is nervous about public speaking.

" Be open  and aligned with your highest truth and communicate with love and honourThroat Chakra Bracelet" - Jo Ettles

The ” Express Yourself” bracelet –

– Lapis Lazuli
– Blue Turquoise
10mm crystal beads

Chakra Luv