Third Eye Chakra Cleanse & 7 Chakra Flow


This Third Eye Cleanse & 7 chakra flow bracelet brings extra support to the throat chakra but it also incorporates healing in the other 6 energy centres.

11 (Combined)Amethyst & Purple Agate stones help to cleanse and nurture the third eye chakra and an additional stone has been added for each energy centre.

Amethyst is perfect for opening, balancing, and stimulating the third eye. Purple Agate is the stone of spiritual transformation. This stone works to support the third eye chakra by allowing you to trust your intuition.

This bracelet is perfect for any one who needs to focus on cleansing and opening the third eye chakra but would also like a little extra support in the other 6 chakra centres.



Amethyst & Purple Agate (Combined)10 mm stones
1 Clear 10mm Crystal
1 Purple 10mm Amethyst
1 10mm Lapis Lazuli
1 10mm yellowstone
1 10mm green adventurine
1 10mm red jasper
1 Golden Tigers eye
1 Tibetan silver charm

Please select from the following and use these sizes as a guideline when you are ordering –
Small – 6.5 inches
Medium – 7 inches
Large – 8 inches

Additional information


Small – 6.5 inches, Medium – 7 inches, Large – 8 inches

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