I Am Guided (Intuition) Necklace


Uniquely and lovingly created especially for one very special person who is working on or wanting to improve and enhance their Intuitive Ability or-
Anyone who needs to trust themselves more
Anyone working on intuition or psychic development
Anyone who feels like they need guidance & direction

This one off piece also supports the sixth chakra  also called the third eye chakra. The energy associated with this chakra influences your experiences with  psychic ability, self reflection, visualisation, perception and  your own intuition.

The main stones in this piece are –
Amethyst’s ability to expand the higher mind also enhances one’s creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination and intuition, it helps you to find and access your truth, connect with your higher self.

Purple Agate
This is a stone of meditation and spiritual transformation. This stone works on the Third Eye Chakra and also the Crown Chakra It assists in allowing you to really trust  interpret  your own intuition. It opens the spiritual flood gates to a realm of endless possibilities and gives us the space to get in touch with our spiritual selves and helps us to have extraordinary insight.

Affirmation –
“I honor my intuition and I am open and receptive to working with my higher self. I am intuitive”
 Jo Ettles


Roughly 200 Beads make up this one off piece – I Am Guided – Enhance Your Intuition

Matt 10mm Amethyst
Matt 10mm Purple Agate
10mm Clear Crystals
6mm Purple Agate

Assorted coloured  crystal beads also included
Approximately 20 inches in length from clasp to clasp when open

Additional information


Small – 6.5 inches, Medium – 7 inches, Large – 8 inches

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