Live Your Dream Bracelet


We have created the LIVE YOUR DREAM bracelet to inspire you to stay committed to your goals, your visions and all that you envision for your future.

What is your dream?
Travel, Business & Career success, Creative Aspirations, Wellness Goals….whatever your dream is…the LIVE YOUR DREAM bracelet reminds you to –
stay focused,committed and motivated in your daily action plan towards achieving your dreams.

Symbolism and Support
Blue turquoise symbolises the spirit and the colour represents the sky. We encourage you to always reach for the sky when it comes to your dreams. Turquoise supports open communication and clarity of thought which are vital to achieving your dream.

Red jasper gives you the courage to speak clearly and confidently and it also increases independence. It inspires a positive attitude, giving you the motivation and foundation to chase your dreams.

Red agate develops great strength. It also strengthens the ability to try one more time if necessary, which is always important when you are aiming for the stars.

” Today is a perfect day to start living your dreams” – Jo Ettles



The Live Your Dream Bracelet is a two stack bracelet.

Strand 1 consists of – 10mm beads
Red Agate
Red Jasper
Blue Turquoise
Tibetan Silver Live Your Dream Charm
Blue Aztec Patterned Disc Charm

Strand 2 consists of – 10mm beads
Blue Turquoise

Small – 6.5 inches
Medium – 7 inches
Large – 8 inches

Additional information


Small – 6.5 inches, Medium – 7 inches, Large – 8 inches

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