Bracelet of Abundance & Prosperity


The I AM Abundant & Prosperous Bracelet ( 2 Bracelet Stack)

When you hear the words “abundance” and “prosperity”, what do you think of? Love, money, happiness, joy, peace, good health, wellness. Is it all or none of these thing? Everyone is different but a prosperous and an abundant life begins with a prosperous and abundant mindset. In order for the abundance of the universe to flow into your life, you must focus on all of the wonderful blessings that are currently in your life. As the saying goes …..”The secret to having it all is believing you already do”.

One of the key concepts in the Law of Attraction is that you get what you focus on, whether that be money,love, career, relationships or goals or anything that you wish to manifest, so when you focus on your problems and lack, that is the experience you are creating for yourself.

The I Am Abundant & Prosperous bracelet reminds you to focus on all of the prosperity and abundance in your life.

When you wear the I Am abundant & Prosperous bracelet, remind yourself that you are blessed and are also open and receptive to receiving love, abundance and prosperity from the universe.

The I Am Abundant & Prosperous Bracelet is made of Tigers Eye & Green Adventurine.

Tigers Eye is a well known stone that supports abundance and protection. It is a  a power stone. It has a wonderful, powerful energy, and assists in grounding, making this a perfect stone for attracting abundance.

Green Adventurine is  from the quartz family and is also known as the “Stone of Opportunity,”. It is considered to be the luckiest of all crystals. It has a winning energy that makes it ideal for boosting one’s luck in any situation.

” I AM Prosperous, Healthy, Happy, Blessed and living in Abundance” – Jo Ettles



The I Am Abundant & Prosperous Bracelet ( 2 Bracelet Stack)
Strand 1
10mm Tigers Eye Beads
10mm Green Adventurine Beads
10mm Gold Hematite
Gold plated heart charm
2 Decorative beads (Golden glitter)
Strand 2 
10mm Tigers Eye
10mm Green Adventurine

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Small – 6.5 inches, Medium – 7 inches, Large – 8 inches