7 Chakra Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet


Our Natural Lava Stone Aromatherapy 7 Chakra Bracelet is fantastic because  by simply adding a drop or two of beautiful essential oil to the porous beads, you instantly transform this 7 Chakra Stone  bracelet into your own personal aromatherapy diffuser.

Add a drop or two of  your favourite essential oil directly to a Lava Stone bead, and allow it to soak in.  Using  Lava Stones to diffuse your oils can dramatically extend the scent life of your oils. It is possible that the lava stones can hold the scent of the oil for an extended period – up to several days with some oils, before the scent naturally dissipates.



16 x 8mm lava stones + 7 assorted chakra crystals – 7 cms in length
Always check for skin sensitivities before using essential oils against your skin