Why we encourage you to embrace wearing Chakra Luv bracelets

Our wrists have become a space to share the messages and the values that we hold deep in our hearts. Rubber bands, bracelets with motivational words and phrases have become the must have body jewellery in 2017.

Many people use a rubber band on their wrist to help control unwanted thoughts or feelings or to help keep them motivated and focused on their goals. It is such an effective way to keep you on track.

For years now, rubber band wrist therapy has been used to help people to stay focused, disrupt negative thoughts and disrupt any number of other negative behaviours. The original theory behind this  therapy was that by wearing the band and then snapping it in the midst of your negative behaviours and thoughts, this action would stop you in your tracks and assist you to change your thought process and choices.

Chakra Luv bracelets are based on a similar concept. except we don’t encourage you to snap them!!!! We encourage you to love and care for the bracelets and wear them and embrace the positive intentions infused in the bracelets as well as the beautiful energy associated with the stones.

Our “I AM”bracelets are intentionally created to remind you that you are –

We have designed bracelets and selected crystals that support self love, self esteem, intuition, connection, grounding, strength, joy and many other emotions and then we have created pieces  to reinforce to the wearer  that –
they are worthy of achieving all of their dreams , wishes, hopes and that wellness and self care should be a priority.

We encourage you to select a bracelet that you feel strongly connected to and then use it as an implementation tool to encourage –

Positive feelings
Self love

Select a piece or combine bracelets and wear them together to support your soul. Our crystals are always bathed under a full moon and  are treated with such love and care.- Jo Ettles