Create Positive Energy In Your Life

The following 10 tips will help you to open up pathways, clear out blockages and enable the potential for anything –

1: Clear out your mind
The mind often repeats the same thoughts over and over again. If they are positive thoughts, that is fantastic, but more often than not , if you are feeling overwhelmed, those thoughts are negative ones that cause us to continually rehash over the difficulties we may be experiencing. Your thoughts create your reality, so STOP and identify your thoughts. What are you filling your mind with?  Just as your thoughts can escalate stress, they can also relieve stress.

2:Clean out your body
Our bodies are quite resilient but at some stage if we disrespect them too much, they will let us know.If you feel heavy, bloated and unhealthy, it is vital to take stock of what you are consuming. Unhealthy diets laden with too much sugar, salt and unhealthy fats have led us to an obesity crisis. If you are feeling physically weighed down, there is no time like the present  to clean up your diet. If you are confused about what to eat and when to eat it, consider scrapping dieting and instead opt for eating healthy food instead. Acknowledge that your body must go the distance and you must nurture, support and maintain it so it functions at it’s best. Be sure to treat it with the respect it deserves. You will be rewarded  with better health and more energy and this in itself is one of the greatest gifts in life.

3:Spring clean your soul
If your soul is depleted due to life’s sometimes overwhelming challenges, it is often the case that it is difficult to  see the good in any situation. Take the time to spring clean your soul. Let go of anything that no longer serves you – anger, resentment, jealousy, sadness, guilt, let it go. Don’t see challenges as bad luck, instead ask yourself what you can learn from the experience. There is always a gift even in the most difficult of circumstances.
Take time out to –
Find your passion
If you have a dream, plan the course of its journey
Be bold and brave
Get back to nature
Spend time with the people you love and who lift you up
Practice gratitude
There are so many ways to fire up your soul.
Be THANKFUL that you can change your life’s course in a heartbeat, because if you think about it, you can.

4: Create a harmonious living environment
Your home is your safe haven. Creating a more peaceful, organised  living space  will restore balance and allow the positive energy to flow gently back into your world. When you clean up and clear out the clutter, warm up your space.  Bring in some scented candles, flowers, plants and display precious beautiful photos. It is magical when you replace clutter with elements that will allow you to experience the feeling  of a new beginning.

5:Focus on what you have
Most of us are continuously focusing on all that we want and not what we already have. It is vital to set positive goals and strive for a better future, but before you do this, ask yourself
“ When was the last time I stopped and said thank you for all that is currently in my life?”
Now is the perfect time to count your blessings. Giving thanks will open the floodgates to the universal stream of goodness.

6: Soften your focus
If you choose to soften your focus, you will find life’s journey will be much gentler. Focusing softly and taking a calm gentle approach towards every situation before reacting allows you time to evaluate the event. Shifting your vision to be more emotionally intelligent, empathetic and caring will open up a whole new level of mindfulness.

7:Set boundaries
Set boundaries for friends,  family members and even work colleagues   Email. Social media and texting allows a continuous lifeline to people. We seem to be available 24/7 to everyone. Prioritise your time and do not allow anyone to drain your energy unnecessarily.

8:Pace yourself
Often when you feel overloaded, just taking a break for an hour or two will give you the energy to refocus. You deserve time out to rest and recharge.

9: Be responsible for your life
You are completely responsible for your life as well as the choices you make. The sooner you accept that, the sooner your life will change. Organising our lives, clearing up the mess, acknowledging past failures, changing our attitude, shifting our vision, these are positive life changing actions that will change our energy and bring clarity into our lives. You have the power to change any situation in your life.

10: Embrace each new day with purpose
Just as the world continues to turn, a new day brings endless opportunities. A new day generates renewed energy and hope  so choose how you will respond to the days events by welcoming each new day with optimism.