Clear your chakras by paying attention to your energy.

Energy is everything.

When it comes to our energy, we are all presented with opportunities to invest our precious energy resources minute by minute –

From relationships to career issues
From thoughts to discussions
From colleagues, friends and family dramas
To eating, exercising and even sleeping

Opportunities to invest our energy are continuous. Stop and really examine all of these investment opportunities that are in front of you day in and day out.

Each one carries a return. In order for you to stay healthy and energetically strong, your energy investments need to return more than you have invested.

Consider, during the course of your day, have you accumulated more stress or more peace?

Don’t ever feel guilty if you have to ruthlessly edit your life, after all….it is YOUR life. Pay attention to the things that drain your energy.

If you are currently trying to clear your chakras, ask yourself this –

If what I choose to invest my energy into over the course of the day does not give me back some kind of positive return, then WHY should I invest my energy into it?

Detoxifying your life will help to clear your chakras. – Jo Ettles