Beware the busy life

Beware the “busy life” 
We seem to wear busyness like a badge of honour now days.  Often being busy just creates the illusion of being successful.Once upon a time, being busy fuelled me but it wasn’t in a good way. It was actually depleting me of every ounce of energy that I had. Being too busy to prioritise self- care can have serious implications. Value yourself enough to factor in activities that fuel your body, mind and spirit with energy that fills you up and doesn’t strip you bare – the right kind of energy.

Pace yourself

Often when you feel overloaded, just taking a break for an hour or two will give you the energy to refocus. You deserve time out to rest and recharge. This weekend, take time out.

Nourish the body, but don’t forget about the spirit 

It is the simplest of acts that can fill your spirit with light. Making time for a leisurely walk at sunset or maybe taking a dip in the ocean. Do whatever it is that makes you feel engaged and alive. It is the simplest of things that nourish the spirit, but also allow us to slow down and stop to acknowledge how truly miraculous the world is.

Jo Ettles❤
Need a reminder to practice self care?