8 Tips To Initiate a More Joyous Life 

8 Tips To Initiate a More Joyous Life 

1. DECIDE that you want to live your life with more joy and happiness.
This may sound basic and it is, but so many people are simply unclear in their own mind about what they want. As soon as you become clear, you can “place an order” with the Universe and consciously begin to create the life you truly desire to live

2. STOP comparing yourself and your life with others.

This envy can gradually destroy you.

3. Use your senses

Life is so abundant  so slow it down and take the time to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell – FULLY.

4. Acknowledge what you need to let go of
Do you need to let go of anything that does not support your self care, your wellness or your self worth?

Do the people in your life support you and give you energy? If  the people in your world  don’t support you in a positive way, maybe now is the time to let those relationships go

Saying NO +  Setting clear boundaries +Walking away from negative situations that do not involve you

 6. Lay Your Burdens Down
Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want! Write down everything you are worried about now. Chances are – if you check this worry list in a few weeks, none of the worries will have occurred.

7. Spring clean your soul
If your soul is depleted due to life’s sometimes overwhelming challenges, it is often the case that it is difficult to  see the joy in life. Take the time to spring clean your soul. Let go of anything that no longer serves you – anger, resentment, jealousy, sadness, guilt, let it go. Don’t see challenges as bad luck, instead ask yourself what you can learn from the experience. There is always a gift even in the most difficult of circumstances.

8. Take time out to –
Find your passion
If you have a dream, plan the course of its journey
Be bold and brave
Get back to nature
Spend time with the people you love and who lift you up
Practice gratitude

There are so many ways to fire up your soul and bring more joy into your life. Be THANKFUL that you can change your life’s course in a heartbeat, because if you think about it……
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